Bogotá, Colombia. 1953

With a life-long passion for travelling, she has collected a wealth of experiences and memories that enrich her artistic endeavours. Owing to her exceptional ability at drawing and colouring, she knew from early childhood that her life would unfold in the realm of Art. At home she found niches to explore her affinities, being the daughter of a renowned architect she was granted an early entrance to the world of design and construction. She spent almost every day with her mother and maternal grandmother -a remarkable woman, who had a dress making room in her residence, where a wall was set aside for her granddaughter's drawings. She was given fabrics, threads, buttons and so on; which enabled her to create dresses and toys, various textiles and other objects. Her interests were cultivated during her childhood and adolescence and further developed until she began academic studies.

Her family's equestrian traditions put her in permanent contact with horses; at home, farming estates and the racetracks. So these beautiful creatures are prominent subject of her art. In her works the human form is rendered through a multitude of identities, set amidst diverse atmospheres. Measuring instruments, geometry tools and curious artefacts are present in her imagery.

Where mythology and imagination converge, we find a number of fantastic horse-like creatures: unicorns, centaurs, pegasi and among them one is her own creation! "Echinocephalus" -a human body with an equine head. According to Elvira, the result of her drawings inspired by the rapport between rider and horse, and their unique emotional relationship; evolved into this concept.

Devoted to Art, she lives and works in Bogotá. Always active and prolific, great love for her profession and dedication to her craft are expressed throughout her long career as a creator of Fine Art.

At present she is engaged in cultural management and philanthropic undertakings.